Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On Interactions with People

     Our third group of campers has left, and our fourth group is already here. I started engaging more with the campers from the last group. We went on a hike up Seneca Rocks in West Virginia. Once on top of the peak, we sang worship songs and marveled at the power, creativity, and beauty of our Lord. (I will try to upload some pictures and maybe a video later.)

     While we were eating lunch at the park there, one of the girls from the group approached me and started up a conversation. Talking with her made me realize that I'm not just here to volunteer in a kitchen for the summer, but that I am privileged with the task of aiding the Lord's work in the hearts of every person who walks through the doors of our Lodge. I also realized that in order to do that, I have to offer more of myself than just a smile in the lunch line; I have to be intentional about seeking out opportunities to connect with the campers. If I hope for them to be vulnerable with the Lord and with me, then I too must be vulnerable with them.

      After a girls' day, we had a Bible study in which one special woman shared her testimony. She had been quiet and somewhat reserved throughout the week, and had at first been unwilling to share because she didn't like talking to groups. The Lord impressed upon her that she should, however, so she submitted. God used that to speak to many of the girls, including me. I was reading Philippians 1 again recently. In verses 12-20, Paul is saying that if being in prison (experiencing trials) would ultimately benefit those around him spiritually, then he is glad to endure it for the greater progress of the gospel. Some of the struggles the woman had shared about I had similar experiences with, so while girls were waiting to talk to her about their lives, I decided to try to talk to one particular girl. She was unwilling at first, but as I started sharing things in my life, she began to open up to me. We found we have a lot in common, starting with our name and going from there. That conversation ended up lasting for about an hour and a half, and I am very grateful for it.

     One thing I keep praying is that God would help me to see people as people. That probably sounds a little silly. I forget that others have struggles, doubts, insecurities, and feelings just like I do. I always assume that I am the only one who is broken, that everyone else has it together. But if that were true, then Jesus would not have had to die. Truth is, no one has it together, and everyone needs to be loved and shown grace. But I forget. I want to see people as Christ sees them. I want to love as Christ would. And I have to give of myself in order to do that. Because every single person has been purchased with the most valuable currency; the blood of Christ. They are precious to Him, and they should be to me, too.

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  1. Great thoughts Sarah. I am so glad to hear how the Lord is working in your life and through your life.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Hope things are going well with you and the church.

  2. I like what you said about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. At first, it takes courage, but it is inspiring to realize how the Spirit works with that.

    1. Hi Mrs. Luecht, I thought I had replied. It is hard to open up, but I pray that it is never wasted. Love you and miss you.