Thursday, November 6, 2014

He Knows my Name

These past two weeks have been kind of crazy. I've been feeling like a certain person whom I love dearly has a low view of my capabilities and that she has been critical of what I say and do; nothing is good enough for her.

Tonight it occurred to me that maybe I just have an inflated view of myself, and her corrections have bothered me because I don't think I'm that bad. Oh, the flesh is so vain and self-deceiving!

I discovered a song tonight that I really like; it's not the sort I'm usually into. It's called "He Knows My Name", by Francesca Battistelli. Here is the chorus of the song:

"True to who You are,
You saw my heart
and made
something out of nothing.

I don't need my name in lights;
I'm famous in my Father's eyes.
Make no mistake,
He knows my name.
I'm not living for applause;
I'm already so adored.
It's all His stage,
He knows my name."

In the first stanza, I love how it points to God's character. He is the one who takes nothing (me) and makes something that can bring Him glory. I can't change or better myself; only He can.

The second stanza makes me realize that I don't need to be thought highly of, because in reality, I CAN'T do anything by myself. My capabilities really aren't that great; my friend is actually overestimating them. I should not be injured by her expectations of me. I should not strive to be praised by her, or anyone else. He knows my name, and that should be enough honor for me.

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  1. Hello Sarah!
    So true. Even if people's expectations of us are higher than what we really are, we can always rest in the fact that we do have a dear Saviour who loves us so much, and knows our name. :)

    ~Love your sister in the Lord,